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About Stroking the Sparrow's Tail

"Every poetry lover in Ulster County should own a copy of this book."
- Peter Lamborn Wilson - See Review.

"A great storyteller in his own inimitable Algonquin-Ashkenazi-Zen-beatnik style"
-Mikhail Horowitz, from the preface to Stroking the Sparrow's Tail.

"Arthur was capable of taking a musty, dusty old ritual or a black-and-white text and imbuing it with rainbow colors and psychedelic scents that made so much sense that one’s mind hurt."
-Rabbi Bill Strongin
Arthur Joseph Kushner was a mid-Hudson Valley writer, martial artist, spiritual seeker and handyman who died unpublished at 57 of a heart attack in 2002.  This posthumous volume, edited by his long-time friend Mikhail Horowitz, is accompanied by a two-CD set, the first of remastered recordings of Arthur reading his longer works, and the second with new readings.
- Bram Moreinis, Publisher
For Arthur Joseph - a poem by Marty Lupowitz.
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The Doctrine of Metaphors
Everything is a lot like everything else
But while being a lot like everything else
It's also a lot more like itself
    than anything else is.

But still - it's a lot like everything else.
And it's not so much like anything else in particular
As it is like everything else put together
But of course put together a little bit differently
    than it is in anything else
Or as in some cases a lot differently.

-Arthur Joseph
Stroking the Sparrow's Tail
is available by mail order for $12, plus shipping.  Holiday Special: buy 4, get one free!

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