History Rides the Sea Stream
An Introduction Arthur planned to read the week of his death.

History emerged from prehistory as the northern hemisphere emerged from the last ice age and opened the environmental potential for grasslands agriculture.

The stream of history began in the eastern Caribbean with the subduction of the Caribbean plate by the Atlantic plate resulting in the geothermal upwellings from the Puerto Rican trench that seed the warm current that still travels north today through sea lanes that would still be ice locked if they were not warmed by Caribbean waters.

When history began the northern lands were covered by ice to a depth of a mile or more. In effect, the top few hundred feet of the ocean were piled on the land and all the areas that we today call the continental shelves were the shores and lowland valleys during that ice age and temperate and tropical climates formed bands pressed closer to the equator.

There intelligent creative humanity fully responded to the potentials of that environment. Then the sea stream emerged and the regions of cultural genesis were covered and new shores and valleys emerged at higher elevations and latitudes.

This is the story of the migration and continued development of civilization as that environmental niche expanded along the sea stream.

The continuity of culture and political relations along the sea stream continued and was both self evident and culturally represented by the participants until the recent interruptions and misrepresentations resulting from the strategic seizing of control over the sea lanes by the European incursion. This was done with the strategic intention and result of dividing the western hemisphere into latitudinal bands of European territory while dissolving the extant viable pattern of economic and political organization of the western hemispheres which was and will again become the longitudinal sea routs. Reemergence of these patterns will correspond to the emergence of the west from colonialism to economic and cultural autonomy.

Facts we will present:

1) The world patterns of functionally interaccomodative language;
2) The historical occurrence of goods derived from specific species dispersed along trade routes;
3) The persistent large-scale artifacts of environmental management canals, breakwaters and barrier islands that occur uniquely along the course of the sea stream;
4) The continuing cultural properties conveniently veneered as European that still contain indigenous representations and language that reveal them as wholesale adoptions.

We will also draw examples of the alternate designation reserved for cultural properties and even persons not easily packaged as European. African Africa still lives and is available for reference and comparison. We will also sample cultural properties that developed in the non-European American communities that have been externally characterized as African but are understood by participants as indigenous culture.

A large minority of the persons of the Americas and the United States who are (externally) statistically classified as African, a significant minority of Americans statistically classified as northern European, and the majority of persons classified as Hispanic recognize and significantly participate in their indigenous American heritage and identity.

When I was a child in the South Bronx, the culture of the neighborhood the sounds of the street was authentic local matowac Taino, refreshed and continuously revived by Tainos arriving daily from the root of the Taino cultural tree, the headwaters of the sea stream.

Finally we will present the continuing linguistic cultural and technological continuity of the sea stream through the North Atlantic Nations of the Vikings.

We will reassure you that the Southern European claim to discover and proprietary rights of the sea routes are a propaganda of war and the southern European theology of slavery, which is the impetus and rationale of perpetual war.

We will also propose and prophesize that any peace or even viable survival will not come through slavery rationalized. It will correspond to the reemergence of the pre-conquest patterns of economic and political relations which in the Western Hemisphere are predominantly longitudinal and everywhere follow the sea routes.

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