Elephant You Pass

Elephant, you pass.
                The ground sinks.
You see the bush, you see the shadow
        In the shadow is a man
You do not see him

A man reaching
        does not reach as far as your teeth
yet this man will pierce your belly
for this one must take your meat

I wait beside the track
        you will pass again
I must slip between your great feet
        to open your belly
Your blood will dry brown on
                        my chest
while I listen from the forest
you will tear the bushes
and drag your intestines

I have taken the fat meat
        of your brothers, elephant--
and you have crushed the head bones
        of my kinsmen

Tonight we will1ick up your fat
                                and dance
singing your name
Tonight women will weep
                        and no one will eat

I trust in the loins of my father
I trust in the milk of my mother
I trust in my long-handled killing

Elephant, you pass.