Prophets Awake

(I propose, for poets, an entirely reasonable immortality)

I propose an entirely reasonable immortality
I propose to be there in centuries to come
And in millennia to come as well

As progeny of these my genes
Well schooled in these my songs


These songs shall provide inducement
To the persons of ages hence
And I shall provide the properly preserved sample
And the well conceived document

I the undersigned being of sound soul
Yet ephemeral flesh
Do herein specify
Those persons and conditions of agreement
To whom on which
I bequeath my genetic copyrights
Custody of the corkscrew templates

And other inheritances held in trust

And though acres of fine print shall follow
In sum I shall commend my copyrighted remains
To the care of persons in ages hence
Moved and qualified to say over them:

Rise up and be a clone
And sing the songs of former times
For which we have not now the voice
And of all that is about you now
Risen out of the former times
To fulfill those songs of former times
Sing again