Ropework is something like a function menu.

[This is not so much a public document as a private working through the network of concepts in a sequence of definite assertions.]

The first function is representation, which implies participation, which implies an environment.

The situation in which the process of participating in representation is represented crosses the threshold into the human.

Language contains the intimation of choice.

Language is the fuzzy end of a bundle of threads. Each connected to a behavior.

Each thread is distinguishable from the others only by the knot work icon at its terminus.

When the movement from one knot to the next is represented there is a representation of language and choice; the integral human functions.

The threads acquire their iconic knots through their tenuous connection to the patterns of participation most frequently reinforced by a particular environment.

The language available to any participant is conditioned by the possibilities of particular environments. Language becomes the menu of participations reinforced by a particular environment.

Environments are represented, and thus perceived, by sequentially reinforced participations.

Representation is a large area of functioning that seems to include language, perception, consciousness, knowledge; all of which may have some common rules that are better charted under the nuts and bolts rubric of representation than under over or around the mysterious absolutes.

There may be a cultural stream that at its more refined and reformed extremity gives us the scientific ethic of seeking truth beyond prejudice and expectation in the most tangible, verifiable and common.

At its more typical unreformed, unrefined, un-plumb-able worst, the common, verifiable all-too-tangible results of entrenched prejudice and unsophisticated expectation in the totally-human-contrived environment become self validating and the results ever more brutal and uneconomic.

The normal process of internalizing environment as representation is short-circuited when the environment is an artifact modeled after established representations.

The environment as artifact becomes endemic in capital cities; and under media marketing, an affluent urban representation becomes reinforced even when the individual has little direct participation in such environments.

The highly marketed environment reinforces behaviors that convert all environments into representations of the capital city.

Capital cities are not self sustaining environments. They are dependent on other environments with other vocabularies of participation. The languages of capitol cities cannot represent or participate in the environments on which they depend.

As the language of the political and military enclave is marketed over a wide region more populations are conditioned to use language that neither represents nor participates in their immediate environment. In sum, the spread of the culture of one environment over other environments tends toward disordered participation in those environments.

The functional representation or language of an environment derives from participation in that particular environment. Most political capitals are located on a major river to the sea upstream at the junction of a major tributary that drains a broad plain.

Other cultural environments have other typical locations on the watershed. A nation or local watershed empire is hopefully an integration of the multiple cultures representing the several distinct niches of participation along a watershed.

Participants in similar cultural niches on different watersheds may have more congruent modes of participation than participants in different cultural niches on the same watershed. Iíll, therefore note location on the terrain of the watershed as a major descriptor of a human cultural niche with itís associated patterns of participation and representation.

[Iíll have to thoroughly link the whole menu of concepts in a careful way . Then Iíll feel responsible roping them together in endless free swinging jungle jive. -Joseph]

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