Sub Urban Ecology

The roadside stream

carries strange fruit and flowers

past treadbare tire banks

to oil drum islands

These chocolate milk containers

and styrofoam hot cups

bare no seed

A few years later

The stream has to move back

to make way

for "U Do It" car wash

and Drake's Cakes Delivery Depot

But because water needs

a place to flow

a new bed is bulldozed out

and a few fresh tires rolled in

Now a quick fish in that clean stream

Says, "OK by me"

And slips slick as a melonseed

Up cross to the other bank

Keeping just ahead of eye speed

Rodney, Sid and Jake wade in

More or less fearlesly

Seeking crawfish

For sport, character development,

and to show at school.

Inside a high-rimmed truck hub cap

An onery and exotic exhibit

is soon assembled,

pacing laps, waving wicked green claws

snapping and flapping their tail fans.

A goldfish or two will be long gone

Before teacher catches on.