--Arthur Joseph, '95

Excerpts from the transcript

I'm happy to report that project S.E.T.I., the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, which was advocated publicly by Dr. Carl Sagan, has successfully recorded part of a transmission from another intelligent culture in our galaxy.

It was a straightforward radio broadcast of a complexly annotated program with parallel commentary and supplementary material simulcast on adjacent frequencies.

This is a momentous occasion. I'm very proud that our communication network here in the Hudson Valley can participate with the radio astronomy community of Earth in receiving and hopefully someday returning culturally significant messages to the cosmic loop. I have here excerpts from the main menu of the message:

It started with an all frequency Hail on audio like shum shum shum. Then a request to start recording- on record, on record, on record. Then instructions: This broad pulse transmission will pass again after an interval of 0.31 x 10 to the 16th wave cycles of the prime mass dipole. Transmission pulses will continue to pass at that interval for .31 x 10 to the 22 cycles from this first pulse. This is the 943rd pulsing of this transmission. Do not translate or attempt electronic decoding of this program. This pulse is pre-coded in molecular resonant notations.

Arthur Joseph is a carpenter and writer from the Shwangun Mntn Region of New York State. In 1971 while working on an erosion control project in the Sisyiyu Mtns of Oregon he had a close encounter with Bigfoot. Since 1981 Arthur Joseph has often assisted Native American elders in ceremonies and on wilderness journeys.