My walk through valentine
Six months now since we squirmed through all the positions where love poses
Just long enough to remember just not long enough to hold
So when I saw this woman walking and it could have been her
 I mean I was just thinking of her that moment
Including how in trying to express our feelings we'd end up arguing
So when I saw this woman whose hair and walk were right
Walking back through the village
As if returning from the markets
I turned into the bank parking lot
And stopped for a minute to feel out if
I should run along the walk to meet her
If we could strike a pose between the parking lot and the market
We could at least remember as that love we didn't know what to do with
Walking through again
Or if she would resent me stalking in on the one who stalked off
So after a minute in the parking lot
I didn't run along the walk
And anyway at the intersection she turned South
So I started up the engine of this car she wouldn't know I would be driving
And drove by slowly on at least one of the ways toward where I was going
In this car she wouldn't know I would be driving
Slowly to get a good look at this woman returning through the village after six months in dark glasses whose hair and walk and might were right
Returning through the village after six months who makes me ask
On Valentine's Day 1995
How I can run to meet her
When I've tried before without enough success or failure
To make my steps this time more sure
No I guess it really isn't you I mean her
Or anyone else I should run to meet just my 1995 walk through valentine