The "Ideography" of Arthur Joseph Kushner

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Why The Website?
Arthur Joseph Kushner

Arthur Joseph Kushner was a poet, philosopher, spiritual guide and martial artist who left behind many communities and works when he died at age 56 on October 2, 2002 of heart failure.

This website is an effort to make his works available, in addition to the book, "Stroking the Sparrow's Tail and Other Poems", to be published in October. Email Bram Moreinis (bram at greenfielddigital dot com) if you are interest in supporting this volunteer effort - we'll need distributors, marketers, and assemblers (the book comes with two CDs, printed separately), and we will need money to pay for the printing (reimbursed after sales).


Commentary - A New Section!


1. From "Rondout Review 1990", a collection of Rosendale Creative Space Co-Operative Poets

Elephant, You Pass
A Bird Flew In
2. Read at Arthur's funeral: 
Wind Into Clay
In Memory of Arthur Joseph - Robert Milby
3. The Hard Roll Cafe Poems
George W. Bush vs. The Palm Beach Canvassing Board
The Hard Roll Cafe
Day 3 of the Attack: Before The Rain
4. Read at Arthur's Memorial, Hasbrouck Park Pavillion, November 2

Preface: Moving Forward (Rilke)
Flighting The Dragon - Arthur Joseph
Arthur's Dance - Ron Whiteurs

4. Other Works

Once I Killed A Mouse
Heal The Family
Virtual Mudstock
The Learning Process
Time Check
The Priorities of Gender Communication and Closure
The Sands of Paradise
Oil and Water
My Roots
The Poems of Marc Chagall
Shinar in the Hand of the Sea
The Names of the Mysterious Echo
Of Cars and Carpets
The Doctrine Of Metaphors
Suburban Ecology
Dear Mary
Representations of Environments
Light Met
Dear Ghosts
My Walk Through Valentine

Sweat Lodge Preparation
In the Belly Of the Snake
Space Co-Op Mission Statement
A Dark Night's Transmission
Her Secret, Unveiled
Great King Achashvarosh
Rosendale Cement
The Freaks Committee Constitution
Prophets Awake
Rosanna Chavez
Laughing Woman's Drum
At Noon Time
Stroking the Sparrow's Tail



1. Ropework (RHPE) - Educational Theory

Mock Interview
Propositions of RHPE
Translation for a Teenage Stepdaughter

2. Judaism

Meeting Minutes: On Keeping Kosher

3. Native America
The Sweat Lodge Purification Ceremony
Introduction: By Raymundo Wesley Rodriguez-Jackson

History Rides the Sea Stream (prepared lecture intro to be given the week after Arthur died
Questions and Reflections on Schunnemunk and Woodcock Mountains
Day 3 of the Attack (Hard Roll Cafe Poem # 3)

OBITUARY (Kingston Daily Freeman, New Paltz Times: 10/10/02)

Arthur Joseph Kushner, a New Paltz poet, religious and educational philosopher, martial artist, anthropologist, and handyman for the past 18 years, died Wednesday, October 2, at Vassar Brothers Hospital in Poughkeepsie, following a heart attack. He was known by many groups and communities in Ulster County for his thoughtful, generous, playful, and powerful support, and was often seen riding his bicycle along Route 199 in all seasons and weather.

Arthur's survivors have yet to be located, but the more than 200 attendees at his gravesite ceremony, officiated by Rabbi Bill Strongin, represented the New Paltz Jewish congregation of Ahavath Achim, the Rosendale Creative Space Co-op and other poetry circles, Native American students of the Klamath River Karuks and the Caribbean Taino, the New Paltz Karate Academy and other martial arts schools, and many other personal friends and collaborators.